Web Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

Internet Marketing is application of Internet and related technologies to accomplish the company's marketing goals.

Online Marketing has to do with the Internet as a distribution channel. The Internet can be used as a PLACE to promote a product and services, offer details to prospective clients and to reach various geographical regions and specific niche markets.

CLIENT focused marketing is the key for success of any company. Focusing on customer wants and needs will assist a company to please actually to delight its consumers more effectively and efficiently. Structure close relationships and retaining existing clients is really important since acquiring a brand-new customer is expensive than keeping the existing consumer.
Internet marketing is best used in CONJUNCTION with other marketing media. Coordination in between online and offline marketing activities is really important.

Online Marketing Tools

Online Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine marketing is essential due to the fact that 85% of Internet web surfers use search engines to discover brand-new websites. Research reports show that the majority of online purchases originate from search engines. Top 5 Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Msn, AOL and Ask Jeeves represent 80% of online search engine traffic.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing can be used to drive sales, offer client service and to develop close relationships with the consumers. Email marketing is an expense reliable Internet Marketing tool and the outcomes can be quickly determined. If we are to lease an E-mail list from an outside source the reaction rates will be around 1 %.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one site (An Affiliate) is promoting another site (Merchant) in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing is run the risk of complimentary and expense reliable marketing due to the fact that you pay just for efficiency.

Banner Advertising

When its introduce for the first time in 1994, banner advertising was really much popular and click through rates were around 25%. At present we can't anticipate a conversion rate above 2 % from a banner marketing campaign (Click through rates 0.5% untargeted banners and for targeted banners in between 1-2%). The conversion rates are not satisfactory banner advertising still considers as an effective branding tool.

Viral Marketing

Online Marketing Tool

Viral marketing messages get 5-- 15% click through rate. 57% state word of mouth or viral marketing is their main source of information about new sites.


Promotion has to do with producing awareness, building trust and credibility. Online press release circulation plays the primary function in this.

Search Engine marketing is important because 85% of Internet web surfers utilize search engines to discover new websites. Email marketing can be utilized to drive sales, offer client service and to build close relationships with the customers. E-mail marketing is a cost effective Internet Marketing tool and the results can be easily measured. Viral marketing messages get 5-- 15% click through rate. 57% state word of mouth or viral marketing is their primary source of info about new websites.

Internet Marketing Tool

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